Future Mythologies: Persephone
Imperfect Lovers
Still Moving
The World After Us: Imaging techno-aesthetic futures
THE WORD AFTER US: An AI Poetry Unreading
Future Mythologies
Traversing the landscape
Body Language
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The World After Us: Imaging techno-aesthetic futures
New Book
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– powerful... weird, intriguing, and sometimes beautiful – Leslie Katz, Forbes

– technological, thought-provoking and unexpected – Bonnie North, NPR

– a pensive yet hands-on philosopher, question[ing] what truly holds power in our world – Virginia Valenzuela, 79Au

– our future is confronted [with] power and ingenuity – Arielle Pardes, WIRED

– a daring poet [and] artist – Elisabeth Sweet, theVERSEverse

– your favorite artist's favorite artist – Jordan Lyall, Prohibition.Art

– investigating the possibilities of human interaction and art – Caleb A. Scharf, Scientific American


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“a natural polymath and interdisciplinary artist, [Stern’s] passion… enlivens the conversation, steering it down tangential alleyways that enlighten his process with glorious context, while also bringing a cascade of new and interesting insights.” – Ola Kalejaye, Culture3

He “invites us to imagine the world in which technologies and biotic life appear and express to one another in the afterlife of us… a new network of relations” – Amanda Boetzkes, Professor of Contemporary Art History & Theory

“Stern’s artistic explorations work with materials and through bodies, [enabling] spectators to experience the unthinkable: to inhabit a post-human worldview firsthand.” – Kate Mondloch, Prof. of Contemporary Art & Theory

Stern “breaks apart language but also gets closer to the strength and the meaning of language… representing poetry to people in a new way [while] also using poetry as a tool to calm the rhetoric around something that could be quite controversial.” – Johnny Dean Mann, The Tickle Magazine