444 in 44, 2022

My genesis piece for fxhash, 444 in 4/4 is “a joyous, a capella, generative love song for all my Web3 peeps.” Over 100 original vocals were recorded as baselines, beat box drums, melodies, harmonies, and more for this project, which were algorithmically selected and mixed with each NFT mint. There are dozens upon dozens of shout outs, and billions upon billions of potential combinations.

I consider 444 in 4/4 the first in a series of generative audio works, playfully called “Nathaniel Fun Time” (NFT). Next in the series will be Oral Binary, in collaboration with Sasha Stiles: an homage to spoken word poetry and digital languages, intended for release at Art Basel Miami 2022.

Although the original edition number for 444 was meant to be 444, I didn’t really promote the piece much before the “big burn” on fxhash, and so only 15 were ever minted – making it extremely rare. As of this writing, none are available for purchase on the secondary market.

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