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I always wanted to be a photographer but it really was too much schlepp. The cameras were too big. And it cost too much. Then digital came along and the photographers were bitching that it wasn’t as good as film. I think they felt threatened because overnight all that technical obfuscation was old hat – what you see is what you get – all you need is a good eye. Plus the cameras are so small you can fit them into your top pocket. A bonus is that the photos are for free. So when Guto Bussab gave me the Nikon for my birthday he gave me a new life. Then Nathaniel Stern invited me to contribute a guest blog to his site and I figured it would be a perfect way to exhibit my daily process to you. I’ve walked a lot since I bought the Jag. I always dreamed of having a Jag. It’s parked in my garage and I like to invite the girls over and I start it up and rev it and then we pretend we’re flying. (Just to rev it in the garage costs me fifty bucks in petrol a day so you can understand why I don’t like to actually drive anywhere). I’ve got a lot of blisters on both of my feet from all the walking, and also lots of photos of all the various people I meet on the way. I will be posting a daily image by way of a blog contribution. I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to use them – sample at will there is no copyright!

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