Cyberculture + New Media

Cyberculture and New Media book

Book: edited collection of essays

Table of Contents:
Preface: ‘Until Something Else’ – A Theoretical Introduction

PART 1 The Empirical
Francisco J. Ricardo: Formalisms of Digital Text
Sheizaf Rafaeli, Tsahi Hayat, Yaron Ariel: Knowledge Building and Motivations in Wikipedia: Participation as “Ba”
Mahmoud Eid: On the Way to the Cyber-Arab-Culture: International Communication, Telecommunications Policies, and Democracy
Rita Zaltsman: The Challenge of Intercultural Electronic Learning: English as Lingua Franca

PART 2 The Aesthetic
Nicole Ridgway and Nathaniel Stern: The Implicit Body
Leman Giresunlu: Cyborg Goddesses: the Mainframe Revisited
Maria Backe: De-Colonizing Cyberspace: Post-Colonial Strategies in Cyberfiction
Tony Richards: The Différance Engine: Videogames as Deconstructive Spacetime
Alev Adil and Steve Kennedy: Technology on Screen: Projections, Paranoia and Discursive practice
Seppo Kuivakari: Desistant Media

Cyberculture and New Media,’ Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Forgetting Media Studies: Anthologies, Archives, Anachrony,’ Electronic Book Review

Editor: Francisco J. Ricardo
Publisher: Rodopi Press
Date of Publication: 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 978-90-420-2518-9
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