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Chelsea Highlights, October 2010

Whirlwind visit to Chelsea On Tuesday for a quick tour of great art before the Nurture Art Benefit. Some highlights include: Yoan Capote (Cuba) at Jack Shainman. This show is not open yet, but we got a preview and chatted to Yoan for quite a while about the work. It’s fantastically smart and funny, and [...]

compressionism site updated

Just finished an overhaul of, and uploaded content, including works, press, documentaiton, etc. Look out for upcoming books and shows that feature the new work! In this ongoing series of prints, I strap a desktop scanner, laptop and custom battery pack to my body, and perform images into existence. I might scan in straight, [...]

New Media, New Modes: On “Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media”

My review of Sarah Cook and Beryl Graham’s book (both of CRUMB – the Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss), “Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media” (Leonardo books / The MIT Press) is the Rhizome News feature today. Teaser: Humorous and surprising, smart and provocative, Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media (MIT Press, 2010) jumps [...]

Furtherfield seeking writers

Become a reviewer at Futherfield. From Marc Garrett: We receive regular submissions from artists and art-groups from all over the world. Inviting us to feature and review their projects, whether they exist as works on the Internet, physical pieces in spaces and projects outdoors, or cultural events, workshops, conferences and publications. We have an excellent [...]

Chelsea Highlights

Wonderful day yesterday, slowly moseying around Chelsea and surrounds from gallery to gallery, afternoon drinks with good friend and great artist Sean Slemon, dinner with brilliant writer/thinker/academic and all-around fabulous lady Rebecca Schneider (and our respective partners – can’t get enough of that Nicole Ridgway, so it’s a good thing I convinced her to spend [...]

Screening Screens

I penned a book review for, and another is coming soon. Teaser: Cover of Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art by Kate Mondloch Kate Mondloch’s first book, Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art, is a welcome study of the cathode ray tubes, liquid crystal and plasma displays, and film, video and data projections that “pervade contemporary [...]

Nathaniel Stern Bad At Sports interview now live

Bad at Sports Episode 244: Nathaniel Stern by Duncan MacKenzie “Bad at Sports is a weekly podcast produced in Chicago that features artists talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and critiques it. Shows are usually posted each weekend and can be listened to on any computer with an internet connection and speakers [...]

Passing Between on Rhizome

On Nathaniel Stern & Jessica Meuninck-Ganger’s “Passing Between” at AOP Gallery by Christo Doherty “This past month, Johannesburg’s AOP Gallery, a space devoted to works on paper, hosted the exhibition “Passing Between” which showcased the collaborative output between digital artist Nathaniel Stern and printmaker Jessica Meuninck-Ganger. At the outset, Stern and Meuninck-Ganger approached the collaboration [...]

Nathaniel Stern, PhD

Had my VIVA yesterday, for my dissertation. It was awesome – amazing feedback, a great discussion, some provocative comments. My examiners really engaged with the text in ways that any doctoral student would be thrilled by. I’ll write about it some time, but am too busy celebrating right now. Anyhow, no revisions: I’m a doctor. [...]

That’s my art!

Although not mentioned by name, that’s a Compressionist print of mine framed in the doorway, in this article in the art newspaper: Gallery dedicated to book art opens in Brooklyn Commercial venture shows growing popularity of the medium By Andrew Goldstein | Web only Published online 5 Oct 09 (Art Market) Central Booking’s opening party [...]

American Furniture/Googled

I’ve penned a review for the Milwaukee Art Museum’s American Furniture/Googled exhibition, and it’s up on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Mary-Louise Schumacher’s “Art City” site. Teaser: The “American Furniture/Googled” exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum through Sunday is a surprisingly interesting show, even if only in its promise. Little did I expect, when going [...]

Winkleman Gallery: Editioned, Networked Video Art Objects

Eve Sussman & Rufus Corporation, along with the Edward Winkleman Gallery, have produced a large edition of an ongoing video art work that comes complete with a player and screen. As if this isn’t enough of a breakthrough in the commercial art gallery realm (and one Jessica and I have been admittedly contemplating for our [...]

Wikipedia Art in the Wall Street Journal

Article on Internet Art in the Wall Street Journal, with a short segment on Wikipedia Art. Here’s the link (subscription needed after a week, so here’s a PDF: The Internet as Art). Schweet!

Wikipedia Art madness

You probably heard about the threat of a lawsuit from Wikimedia on Wikipedia Art by now, but just in case: Here’s how we went public, on EFF: Wikipedia Threatens Artists for Fair Use Here’s the legal history on our site. And it exploded, of course, when it got slashdotted. I urge readers to make their [...]

Distill Life

I’ve still not had much of a chance to document my latest work in video/sculpture/print objects with Jessica, but there’s a brief review of it on Susceptible to Images. I hope to have documentation text and images up in the next week or two, video the following week or two…. UPDATE: lots of great documentation, [...]

UW-Milwaukee Grad Student feature: Mairin Hartt

This is the second in a series of MFA student features from the graduate program I work in at Peck School of the Arts,  the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. These will be cross-posted on the blog. UW-Milwaukee Grad Student features are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License After graduating with [...]

What is important

Although I’ve been keeping a low profile in the public debates about Wikipedia Art, I have had a few ongoing and private discussions with its critics and supporters. With his OK, the below is an excerpt from an email I wrote to Tom Moody yesterday. —– The main issue for me is not whether I [...]

Wikipedia Art: so irrelevant we can’t stop talking about it (updated)

More 50-50, keep / delete discussions around Wikipedia Art, but now the debate is on Rhizome, and by the gatekeepers of, and participants in, the art blogosphere. I particularly love Curt Cloninger’s response to Tom Moody on Rhizome. Moody is a kind of anti-Lichty, being just as voiciferous in his dislike of the project, as [...]

Wikipedia Art update (and updated)

Lots of cool edits to the page – see the history as well. Huge debate roaring as well. My favorite quote here (followed by mini argument) is by Wikipedia user “shmeck,” aka contemporary artist Shane Mecklenburger: KEEP The Wikipedia Art page is a self-aware example of Wikipedia’s mission of collective epistemology. It enacts and exposes [...]

UW-Milwaukee Grad Student feature: Brandon Bauer

This is the first in a series of MFA student features from the graduate program I work in at Peck School of the Arts,  the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. These will be cross-posted on the blog. UW-Milwaukee Grad Student features are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Brandon Bauer is [...]