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{ Category Archives } iSummit07 interview

Had a great email exchange with Brian Sherwin of over the last few days, which culminated as an interview published on the myartspace blog. There’re bits on my work,  dissertation, inspirations, even a question on Creative Commons and a few other little tidbits not published anywhere else to date. Check it out. snip / [...]

friend of the summit

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge supporter of Creative Commons (CC), and more specifically iCommons. The former is an organization dedicated to open source coding and content for creative technologists, designers, artists, musicians, scientists (and more!), and promotes access and re-mixing through distribution licenses that are alternatives to copyright worldwide. The [...]

Joy Garnett, New Paintings. Winkleman Gallery, Feb 15-Mar 15

A fantastic artist and friend, with a real sense of community, someone who knows her way around – and helps to drive art on – the internet as well as the studio (not to mention kitchen: Joy and I were on residence in Croatia together for iCommons last year, and she made some fantastic meals), [...]

iCommons benefit auction

The iCommons Auction: Unique Internet Artifacts iCommons, the global non-profit incubated by Creative Commons, and based in Johannesburg, South Africa is auctioning off paraphernalia donated by some of the world’s leading Internet figures. The over thirty items on the auction list run the gamut from the historical: the coats worn by Internet activist and Stanford [...]

Cao Fei / China Tracy on VVORK

We love her.

critique and comparison

Some nice further discussion in the comments section of Tom Moody’s post about my Wireframe Series, and I’m glad for the crit – some positive, some negative, all useful for when I implement the next iteration (hopefully in Joburg in September). I’m even more grateful for his second post, a point by point comparison to [...]

Thank you, Tom Moody

Tom Moody defends Sentimental Construction #1 after Paddy Johnson’s initial slate. Although I tend to take criticism well, and Paddy and I are “still friends” (we met through professional channels, and now I like to think of us as such), I was very pleased to see my name on Tom’s channel in my RSS reader, [...]

more on the CC artist panel (update)

I’m not sure Paddy’s post on the panel represents my position very well, and moreover seems to fall in line with the (de-contextualized – David is actually saying something else) claim that my attention to try and make a little money for my art is exploitative (see the comments here). I think Tom Chance does [...]

a few iCommons re-blogs (updated) (again)

Of money, meaning and artists in residence is a lovely response to our artist talk and work by Tom Chance, while Paddy’s insightful review is slightly more critical (especially of my own work). It inspired a great conversation, actually, and I’m excited about where I might go with the next Wireframe, as I think through [...]

Go/diva of the Icommons

Go/diva of the Icommons is an extension of Patrick Lichty’s (re)constructing Cicciolina project in which he, recontextualized as real-life avatar Cicciolina, questions the translations of mythology, culture, normative sociology, gender and IP issues. Here, Lichty stood in the iCommons art gallery for 30 minutes, then rode through the iCommons performance area before exiting. While the [...]

the art happened there

Opening went really well last night in Dubrovnik (still open for 2 days if you missed it)! There are a constant stream of pictures on flickr from the iCommons Air stream, as well as write-ups (more coming) on the iCommons site (we love you Paddy). Great turn out and response, and several net stars made [...]

interviewed Paddy Johnson, she interviewed Kathryn Smith

Forgot to blog this, an interview I did with Paddy, and also hers with Kathryn. Awesome. Actually, as you would imagine, the iCommons site is booming right now, so I highly recommend the feed.

*/The Art Happens Here/* Pozivamo Vas na otvorenje izlozbe

The Art Happens Here Opens 15 June @ 21h30, Croatian time Lazareti Art Workshop, Dubrovnik Croatia Simulcast to Annenberg Island in SL, 12h30 PDT Second Life The Art Happens Here is a contemporary art exhibition and presentation at the iCommons Summit 2007, resulting from an ongoing artist in residence programme. Six international artists and a [...]

The Wireframe Series: Sentimental Construction # 1

More from Croatia soon, but we performed the first “Sentimental Construction” here before guests started arriving, and I’m not sure it could have gone any better. Watch the video! Sentimental Construction #1, part of The Wireframe Series site-specific, publicly performed “spaces,” made of rope (2007), support by iCommons These are ephemeral arrangements that, nonetheless, carve [...]