New Work: Switch & Signal

New Work with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger! It’s a one-of-a-kind charcoal and pastel drawing on paper, permanently mounted to an LCD screen playing machinima video from Second Life. Part of the ongoing Distill Life series, the image tells only part of the story. The earth’s rotation in the video is a time lapse, with a moonset and sunset over 5 minutes, but the clouds and sea and rain (and blinking lights, etc) move in real time. Made especially for a group show with our gallery in South Africa, Gallery AOP, opening late October.

Switch & Signal
charcoal, pastel, LCD with machinima video
9 x 12 inches, 2010
Jessica Meuninck-Ganger and Nathaniel Stern

American Furniture/Googled

I’ve penned a review for the Milwaukee Art Museum’s American Furniture/Googled exhibition, and it’s up on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Mary-Louise Schumacher’s “Art City” site. Teaser:

The “American Furniture/Googled” exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum through Sunday is a surprisingly interesting show, even if only in its promise.

Little did I expect, when going to what I assumed to be a very tame gallery talk, to be engaged in a discussion about controversial topics surrounding knowledge and research. At first glance, the exhibition feels like little more than a post-curating gimmick: a bunch of slideshows about designers and furniture next to their 19th century counterparts.

But the show’s charming curator, Mel Buchanan – the museum’s relatively newly appointed assistant curator of 20th-Century Design – convinced me of at least one thing: Google gets people talking. As our small crowd at the Buchanan-led chat disputed issues of truth, power and silliness online, our interest exponentially increased. I’d definitely recommend the show; just be sure to bring a friend, or group, who likes debate.

Buchanan was given a tiny budget – even by non-museum exhibition standards – and told to use everyday technologies to access the MAM’s collection of furniture design circa the 1800s. She and her collaborators actually considered several ideas before settling on Google searches for their pieces as its starting point.

These throwaways included, among other things, a Wiki show, where museum-goers could contribute their own information and opinions for each object, and a Facebook show, where each piece got a profile and friends, and we could write on their virtual walls.

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holy crap that is a lot of snow

Seriously. This was our 6th snow of the season (and it’s not even Christmas!) adding another 16 inches to the already large sum of white stuff from the sky – until it all freezes into ice tomorrow when it is 20 below (F, which is more than 30 below in C – granted this includes the wind chill, but STILL). It was up to my knees, up above my daughter’s waste; it was 3 ft tall in front of the garage. But it does make for neat photos with the kid. Slideshow follows:

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