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New Work: Switch & Signal

Switch & Signal New Work with Jessica Meuninck-Ganger! It’s a one-of-a-kind charcoal and pastel drawing on paper, permanently mounted to an LCD screen playing machinima video from Second Life. Part of the ongoing Distill Life series, the image tells only part of the story. The earth’s rotation in the video is a time lapse, with [...]

humans, dressed as cats, re-performing their favorite LOLcats

LOLremix – humans, dressed as cats, re-performing their favorite LOLcats. (In my class at UWM…) Original inspiration credit goes to:

American Furniture/Googled

I’ve penned a review for the Milwaukee Art Museum’s American Furniture/Googled exhibition, and it’s up on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Mary-Louise Schumacher’s “Art City” site. Teaser: The “American Furniture/Googled” exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum through Sunday is a surprisingly interesting show, even if only in its promise. Little did I expect, when going [...]

holy crap that is a lot of snow

Seriously. This was our 6th snow of the season (and it’s not even Christmas!) adding another 16 inches to the already large sum of white stuff from the sky – until it all freezes into ice tomorrow when it is 20 below (F, which is more than 30 below in C – granted this includes [...]

SPRAWL: milwaukee art exhibition opening

I’m on my first show in Milwaukee – which opened this weekend – with 4 prints (and the Compressionism video), and 4 pieces from the odys series. Nice opening: congratulations to the Borg Ward Collective and A. Bill Miller and all the artists involved. See more pics from the exhibit opening. You around? Check out [...]

the child

New family photos online here.

Trespass @ Resolution Gallery, Johannesburg

Implicit Art friend Daniel Hirschmann shows in his first South African and first print-based exhibition, opening early next month at Resolution Gallery (and I’ll even get to see it while I’m in Joburg! I’m excited to visit the first/only “gallery of digital art” in South Africa, which opened only recently….). Born and raised in Joburg, [...]


Fantastic DATA on Tuesday with Alessandro Ludovico (Italy), Jaime Villarreal (Mexico), Ivan Twohig (Ireland). Ivan showed several projects including his Falling Man, which turned free 3D graphics of a falling man into life-size paper sculptures throughout a gallery. Alessandro showed his Google Will Eat Itself and Amazon Noir, and Jaime did a live networked performance [...]

Contemporary Irish Art Society and a Birthday Blog (updated below)

Haydn and I gave very brief talks to the the Contemporary Irish Art Society last night, about my recent print work for Art on Paper Gallery (South Africa) and Haydn Shaughnessy Gallery (Ireland and in Second Life). It was really fun to be with an audience who knew nothing of the technologies I normally use [...]

ingrid michaelson

I rarely look up a song I’ve heard on television. Maybe on a late night show now and again (I think I found Corinne Bailey Ray thanks to a meta-late night show, Studio 60), or something in a movie, but on TV, not so much. But after the third time I had turned to my [...]

dvblog feature

somehow missed this feature a few days ago:   Sentimental Construction (2007, 25.4MB, 6:31 min) Nathaniel Stern took a bit of a hammering in various quarters for this piece, made on a residency in Croatia. I think there’s an probably an element of you-had-to-be-there about this although, that said, I think the video is rather [...]

performance 2 (passage)

A continuation from The Wireframe Series: Sentimental Construction #1, performance 2 (passage) is a similarly site-specific, publicly performed architectural structure made of rope. The piece, erected in Joubert Park, Johannesburg South Africa (2007), twists the idea of ‘public space’ by its double activation: first, through the volunteers who stretch its form outward and around them; [...]

Scenic Route, 2007

Got some pix up on a flickr set of some new friends and their work from the “Organic Motion: Kinetic and Interactive Sculpture” 2-week workshop at the Anderson Ranch out by the Rockies, Colorado. A fun time, and I hope to make it back. Also, click below for a li’l YouTube video of my first [...]

performative digital prints

I went and updated the Compressionism documentation video a bit, and put it up on YouTube. These are performative prints made by strapping on a scanner, computer and battery pack, then traversing the landscape – sometimes printing digitally, other times transforming the images with hand-made / traditional techniques. The video shows some work, and how [...]

more Compressionist tales

in, and around lambda print on metallic paper, 380 x 1080 mm (with small white border) Just finishing up at the Frans Masereel, having completed 5 new digital and 6 new hand-made Compressionist prints (the latter inspired by the former, made by performances with scanners) for Art on Paper Gallery in Johannesburg (their site is [...]

Frans Masereel Centre residency

litho stone in progress, piece will be 1080 x 380 mm Am on residence at the Frans Masereel Centre in Belgium at the moment, working on a new series that is being printed by printmaker and artist Zhane Warren, and published by Art on Paper Gallery (Johannesburg). It’s an extension of my Compressionist works, and [...]

Art Fag City Redesigns

Possibly this blog’s favorite art blog, Art Fag City gets a total overhaul today. From Paddy (via email): In an effort to curtail redesigning Art Fag City every two months, I asked House of Pretty to work with me on a new site design. The result is a blog you can actually read. Hurray for [...]

more on the CC artist panel (update)

I’m not sure Paddy’s post on the panel represents my position very well, and moreover seems to fall in line with the (de-contextualized – David is actually saying something else) claim that my attention to try and make a little money for my art is exploitative (see the comments here). I think Tom Chance does [...]

the art happened there

Opening went really well last night in Dubrovnik (still open for 2 days if you missed it)! There are a constant stream of pictures on flickr from the iCommons Air stream, as well as write-ups (more coming) on the iCommons site (we love you Paddy). Great turn out and response, and several net stars made [...]

The Wireframe Series: Sentimental Construction # 1

More from Croatia soon, but we performed the first “Sentimental Construction” here before guests started arriving, and I’m not sure it could have gone any better. Watch the video! Sentimental Construction #1, part of The Wireframe Series site-specific, publicly performed “spaces,” made of rope (2007), support by iCommons These are ephemeral arrangements that, nonetheless, carve [...]