Call for participation – Sentimental Constructions: an ethico-aesthetics of collaboration

As part of Performance Studies international #18 and Ludus Festival Leeds, a small group of international artists from The Sense Lab (Montreal) are asking for participants and collaborators to help in conceptualizing, creating and performing a ‘Sentimental Construction’. These are site-conditioned, publicly performed architectural structures made of rope, fabric, yarn and other local materials, which are outstretched and activated by and with the public. Here we generate an ephemeral arrangement through communal play, shifting spaces between the pre-formed and the per-formed.

Please join us Thursday 28 June at 11:30 in Parkinson, the Centenary Gallery, for an informal talk and discussion, then a project kick-off – including a brainstorming session and building for the rest of the day. We also seek participants on Friday 11:30 – 1:30 and 2:30 – 4:00, for experimentation and construction on University of Leeds campus, and Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00 for a final performance scheduled for Kirkgate Market in the city.

Organizing artists: Nicole Ridgway, Stephanie Springgay, Nathaniel Stern

Nathaniel Stern in Minnesota, Berlin and New York

stuttering, interactive installation

at interval screen shotMind the Gap

Paul Watkins Gallery
Winona State University, Minnesota
12 January – 2 February
Artist talk, 14 January 3:30 pm
Opening reception,
14 January 4:30 – 6:00pm
Free and open to the public

Nathaniel Stern’s first solo exhibition in Minnesota, Mind the Gap features his recently redeveloped and award-winning interactive installation, stuttering, juxtaposed with at interval, a video art work that similarly explores both the labor of, and humor in, embodied communication. With stuttering, viewers-turned-participants use their entire bodies to touch and trigger activation points laid out in a Mondrian-styled grid. Move quickly, and the piece will itself stutter in a barrage of audiovisual verbiage; move carefully, even cautiously – stutter with your body – and both meaning and bodies emerge. For at interval, Stern removed all dialogue from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, leaving only 13 minutes of stutters, gasps, and oral fumbles. Just as in stuttering, this work articulates the in-betweens, accents the impossibilities within language.

Wikipedia Art logoTransmediale


Various venues, Berlin, Germany
1 – 6 February, 2011
Registration required

Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern‘s Wikipedia Art questions structures of power and knowledge in the Age of the Internet. Here the artists wrote about, and then initiated, an art work composed on Wikipedia, and thus art that anyone can edit. Through a social and creative feedback loop of publish-cite-transform that they call ‘performative citations,’ the piece began as an intervention, turned into an object, and was killed and resurrected on the Wikipedia site several times over. Wikipedians, artists, critics, bloggers, geeks and journalists debated fact, theory and opinion via hundreds of sites and publications worldwide, each community continuously transforming what the work was and did and meant simply through their writing and talking about it. Wikipedia Art is a finalist for the Transmediale Award; Kildall and Stern will be in Berlin exhibiting as part of the festival, presenting as part of the conference program, and attending the award ceremony.

Nathaniel Stern scanning water liliesTalks at the College Art Association and New York University
New York

CAA 99th annual conference
West Ballroom, 3rd Floor, Hilton New York
Wednesday, 9 February, 9:30 AM–12:00 PM
Registration required

At the CAA conference, Yevgeniya Kaganovich and Nathaniel Stern will be giving a talk about their work together as part of the Bio-Art, Boundaries, and Borders panel, organized by Jennifer Johung.

Nathaniel Stern Artist Talk
ITP, New York University
4th Floor, 721 Broadway (and Waverly), New York City
Friday, 11 February, 6:30 PM
Free and open to the public

Finally, Nathaniel Stern will also be giving an Artist Talk at New York University, hosted by the Interactive Telecommunications Program. Most likely, this will be followed by dinner and drinks around the East Village.


Hope to see some of you there!
nathaniel stern

August 19th: Wikipedia Art performance at Benrimon Contemporary, NYC

Wikipedia Art logoAugust 19th @ Benrimon Contemporary, part of Younger Than Moses: Idle Worship
514 West 24th Street on the 2nd floor
An evening of performances & screenings by Ryan V. Brennan, the Wikipedia Art Project, Genevieve White, Adam & Ron
Beginning 6:00 PM (come a little early for a Wikipedia Art Remix treat!)

For Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert’s Wikipedia Art Remix, two actors perform a scene appropriated from Edward Albee’s play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”.  The dialogue between the iconic characters George and Martha incorporates highlights from the “Articles for Deletion” page of Wikipedia Art, an intervention by Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern on Wikipedia, so the couple’s argument becomes one about whether or not art can exist on Wikipedia.

See a video art version of this upcoming performance piece.

Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert have collaborated together on conceptually based performance works, interventions, writings, installations, videos, photography, and prints since meeting each other in 1994.  Their work is about power and vulnerability; how it relates to relationship dynamics, society, and politics. Fletcher and Reichert use collaboration as a tool to integrate the negotiation for power into works of art.

Scott Kildall is an independent artist, who intervenes with objects and actions into various concepts of space. Nathaniel Stern is an artist, teacher, writer and provocateur, who works with interactive, participatory, networked and traditional forms.

Zach Lieberman: Making the invisible visible @ UWM THIS WEDNESDAY, 7PM

Organized by yours truly (Nathaniel, Upgrade! Milwaukee), and sponsored by UWM Visual Art Department

Artists Now!
Department of Visual Art
Guest Lecture Series

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 7:00pm
Arts Center Lecture Hall (ACL 120) on the UWM campus
2400 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Free and Open to the Public

In this talk Lieberman will present his interactive works and collaborations, focusing on the artistic process as research.  He will show works such as Manual Input Sessions, in which an old school overhead projector is transformed into a magical audio visual performance device, and Lights On, a performance of sound and light commissioned for the 2009 opening of the new Ars Electronica center in Linz.  He will also talk about openFrameworks, a C++ toolkit for creative coding which is being used by developers worldwide to make compelling interactive installations and performances.

Zach Lieberman flier
Zach Lieberman flier


I’m in Bangalore, India with my good friend and collaborator, Scott Kildall (among many others – including my friend Heather Ford!), participating and presenting at the Centre for Internet and Society’s CPOV (Critical Point of View): WikiWars. So far, so interesting. Our paper is tomorrow, entitled Wikipedia Art: Citation as Performative Act. There will be a great and free book resulting from the conference and the research, writing and discussions that come out of it.

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