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Call for participation – Sentimental Constructions: an ethico-aesthetics of collaboration

As part of Performance Studies international #18 and Ludus Festival Leeds, a small group of international artists from The Sense Lab (Montreal) are asking for participants and collaborators to help in conceptualizing, creating and performing a ‘Sentimental Construction’. These are site-conditioned, publicly performed architectural structures made of rope, fabric, yarn and other local materials, which [...]

Nathaniel Stern in Minnesota, Berlin and New York

Mind the Gap Minnesota Paul Watkins Gallery Winona State University, Minnesota 12 January – 2 February 2011 Artist talk, 14 January 3:30 pm Opening reception, 14 January 4:30 – 6:00pm Free and open to the public Nathaniel Stern’s first solo exhibition in Minnesota, Mind the Gap features his recently redeveloped and award-winning interactive installation, stuttering, [...]

August 19th: Wikipedia Art performance at Benrimon Contemporary, NYC

August 19th @ Benrimon Contemporary, part of Younger Than Moses: Idle Worship 514 West 24th Street on the 2nd floor An evening of performances & screenings by Ryan V. Brennan, the Wikipedia Art Project, Genevieve White, Adam & Ron Beginning 6:00 PM (come a little early for a Wikipedia Art Remix treat!) For Sean Fletcher [...]

Zach Lieberman: Making the invisible visible @ UWM THIS WEDNESDAY, 7PM

Organized by yours truly (Nathaniel, Upgrade! Milwaukee), and sponsored by UWM Visual Art Department Artists Now! Department of Visual Art Guest Lecture Series Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 7:00pm Arts Center Lecture Hall (ACL 120) on the UWM campus 2400 E. Kenwood Blvd. Free and Open to the Public In this talk Lieberman will present [...]


I’m in Bangalore, India with my good friend and collaborator, Scott Kildall (among many others – including my friend Heather Ford!), participating and presenting at the Centre for Internet and Society’s CPOV (Critical Point of View): WikiWars. So far, so interesting. Our paper is tomorrow, entitled Wikipedia Art: Citation as Performative Act. There will be [...]

support turbulence!

From Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington – I just gave $10, and every bit helps! Support Dear Friends, As the end of the year draws near, we hope that you will support our many inspiring and innovative projects –, Networked_Performance, Networked_Music_Review, Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art), Upgrade! Boston, Floating Points, Programmable Media, New [...]

Nathaniel Stern, PhD

Had my VIVA yesterday, for my dissertation. It was awesome – amazing feedback, a great discussion, some provocative comments. My examiners really engaged with the text in ways that any doctoral student would be thrilled by. I’ll write about it some time, but am too busy celebrating right now. Anyhow, no revisions: I’m a doctor. [...]

Networked: a networked_book about networked_art

The amazing folks at have done it again! See below. Networked_Performance — Networked: a networked_book about networked_art Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art) INVITES YOU TO PARTICIPATE: Two years in the making, Networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art) is now open for comments, revisions, and translations. You may also submit a chapter for consideration. Please register [...]

Wikipedia Art in the Wall Street Journal

Article on Internet Art in the Wall Street Journal, with a short segment on Wikipedia Art. Here’s the link (subscription needed after a week, so here’s a PDF: The Internet as Art). Schweet!

Wikipedia Art in Venice: call for remixes

SEE THE CALL AND THE REMIXES SO FAR Wikipedia Art – originally an editable encyclopedia entry as art work – applied for and was denied citizenship on Wikipedia. It now seeks refugee status in Venice through the establishment of The Wikipedia Art Embassy. Encyclopedic ambassadors, Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern, invite writings on, and creative [...]

how to write an artist statement

I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while – it’s an experiment. Please comment if you have anything to add, you disagree with, or if you like or dislike the post. There may or may not be more like it in the future, depending on the response (or lack thereof). Like making art, there [...]

Jimmy Wales talks Art and Wikipedia

Nice to see Jimbo talk about Art and Wikipedia. It’s worth a read if only to hear how carefully Wikipedia’s figure-head thinks and speaks in relation to notability and possibilities with arts coverage on Wikipedia. I agree with all of what he says (although it’s admittedly very noncommittal – so hard to disagree with), and [...]

Deconstructing Wikipedia

Mary Louise Schumacher pens a great piece on Wikipedia Art in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, entitled Deconstructing Wikipedia. Snippet: Two artists staged an art intervention within Wikipedia, turning the “free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit” into an art medium. By making a sort of readymade art object from a Wikipedia page, Nathaniel Stern, of [...]

Wikipedia Art madness

You probably heard about the threat of a lawsuit from Wikimedia on Wikipedia Art by now, but just in case: Here’s how we went public, on EFF: Wikipedia Threatens Artists for Fair Use Here’s the legal history on our site. And it exploded, of course, when it got slashdotted. I urge readers to make their [...]

Public Lectures and Exhibitions in Milwaukee and Johannesburg

Last night saw the opening of Night Work at The Armoury Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some great responses, surprise guests, new show offers, decent sales – a really great Milwaukee debut for both me and Jessica (my collaborator). Thanks to everyone who helped, came out, etc. For those who didn’t make it, the show was [...]

UW-Milwaukee Grad Student feature: Mairin Hartt

This is the second in a series of MFA student features from the graduate program I work in at Peck School of the Arts,  the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. These will be cross-posted on the blog. UW-Milwaukee Grad Student features are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License After graduating with [...]

What is important

Although I’ve been keeping a low profile in the public debates about Wikipedia Art, I have had a few ongoing and private discussions with its critics and supporters. With his OK, the below is an excerpt from an email I wrote to Tom Moody yesterday. —– The main issue for me is not whether I [...]

xkcd – A Webcomic – Neutrality Schmeutrality

xkcd – A Webcomic – Neutrality Schmeutrality Neutrality Schmeutrality

Wikipedia Art: so irrelevant we can’t stop talking about it (updated)

More 50-50, keep / delete discussions around Wikipedia Art, but now the debate is on Rhizome, and by the gatekeepers of, and participants in, the art blogosphere. I particularly love Curt Cloninger’s response to Tom Moody on Rhizome. Moody is a kind of anti-Lichty, being just as voiciferous in his dislike of the project, as [...]

Durova: Wikipedia Art and media restoration

Durova: Wikipedia Art and media restoration A worthy re-post, not really related to the Wikipedia Art project. I don’t think my own work is exactly suitable, but hopefully some of my readers might be able to get involved. Wikipedia had one of its more interesting deletion discussions overnight.  A page called Wikipedia Art lasted about [...]