bronwyn lace

the enigmatic bronwyn lace

I am a young artist living in Johannesburg. I completed my BAFA at Wits University in 2004, and currently work full time as a home tutor for children with learning difficulties. I am interested in the relationship between art and learning.

I was selected as a participant of the Young Artists Project at the KZNSA art gallery for 2005/6; my exhibition will be taking place in March 2006, to be followed by an exhibition at the Outlet gallery in Pretoria.

Nathaniel opened my undergraduate exhibition in 2004, and did such a brilliant job that since then I’ve allowed him to be a good friend ;) I approached Nathaniel to become a guest blogger because I feel that there are not enough alternative voices discussing the young artist scene in Johannesburg. I see Nat’s blog as a superb platform to do just this. So here goes…

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