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So, you want to know who I am?

My name (as you probably gathered by now) is A.J. Venter.
I am 25 years old and I am chief Software Architect for OpenLab International – a company that specializes in ICT’s for Education.
As such I get to work on Free Software all the time, and help a lot of young African children receive a better education.
I also like to write poetry and stories, and I ramble a lot.

My first book, Batteries not Included, was published in May of 2005.

I picked up the nickname SilentCoder at university, because when I am programming I often don’t say a word for hours.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. The region (often sneeringly) referred to as the Northern Suburbs (if you don’t get that, you’re obviously not from Jozi). But I am not your average northern suburb snob. For one thing I only live in a small garden cottage, not a mansion.

I love live music shows so I usually hang out in places that have live bands. I really like body art, but I tend not to rush in to it (it is after all a commitment). Thus far I have limited myself to:

* Piercing my left ear
* A tattoo of Brian May’s guitar on my back

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