we apologize (updated)

I just saw this sign for the first time. It reads, “Connecticut Welcomes You. Birthplace of George W. Bush. We Apologize.”

Awesome (Updated note: it turns out that this sign is a mash-up / fake, but still awesome in my opinion. See comments for more.)

Connecticut welcomes you. Birthplace of George W. Bush. We apologize.

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17 Replies to “we apologize (updated)”

  1. From the picture, it looks like it is just before the exit in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut. Pres. GHW Bush used to visit his mother there when he was in office.

  2. Deleted Answer: Get a life , and show some respect. You couldn’t walk 100 yards in President Bush’s shoes.

    Violation Reason:Insulting Other Participants

  3. Nathaniel…I’m no fan of Bush, in fact I can’t stand him, but if you know it is fake why don’t you take the posting down rather than perpetuate a myth/lie as it is now being picked up by other blogs. This is your blog and I would think that a high level or integrity and honesty would be an important element. Burying the fact that it is a fake in the comments seems a bit disingenuous. Just a thought.

  4. nathaniel:
    are people actually that credulous (read: thick)? have they never heard of, um “mash-ups”, not to mention, poetic justice?


  5. I’m confused by your follow-up post to Joy. It seems as though you are agreeing with her, if I read this correctly, that you believe that I was “thick” for believing in the accuracy of the sign. I appreciate that you indicated on the front page that it is a mash-up but it looks as though you were also “think” as you admitted in your comment of July 31 that you too thought it was real. I apologize in advance if I misunderstood your or Joy’s comments.

  6. Sorry if you feel insulted, Rick; it’s unintentional on my part. Honestly, given mash-up and internet culture and the contemporary language of images, I didn’t think it that important whether or not this was “real,” and I guess that could be read as conflicting – I thought it might be real, but didn’t really think it affected the power of the image, and only looked it up when someone else asked. I read Joy’s comment as a kind of playful banter along these same linesand went a long with it. And I put the link and text in the post because I didn’t want to perpetuate any arguments; but again, I think the image is no less powerful or funny simply because it was photoshopped.

  7. well guess what i just hired someone to make this sign so it might not be there but it will be in existance so deal with that

  8. Actually , we should make signs that read “Welcome to America Birthplace of GW Bush , We apologize ” and out them in every international airport in our country and at every border crossing.

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