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For those if you still unfamiliar with Paddy Johnson and her fabulous blog, artfagcity – “As relevant as Eric Fischl. New York art news, reviews and gossip” – WAKE UP. She’s clever, plugged in, and a great, honest critic with a sometimes snarky and sometimes generous attitude: as a writer should be.

And today, as part of her “Art Intercom” series for iCommons, a 2-part interview I did with Paddy features through her blog to (well, it’s all a little confusing, this whole my re-blogging a cross-blog/re-blog thing, so here’s what she says…):

I was travelling for most of yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to mention that my two part interview with new media artist Nathaniel Stern went up on the icommons blog yesterday. You can read the full discussion here and here, but I’ve included teasers from both interviews below since each part deals with different subject matter. In the first post Stern and I talk about his art work, and in the second, we touch upon how the concerns of the Creative Commons effect artists. Stern speaks with great eloquence on the subject, so our conversation is not to be missed!

Thanks Paddy! See the teasers on Paddy’s blog here (and put her site in your reader), or get the full length interview between here and here (and go ahead and grab the iCommons feed, too).

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