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Broad Cast Response, 2007

Here’s a little preview of one of the pieces I’ve done (produced this week) for the iCommons Summit in two weeks – it’ll simulcast in SL as well…

Broad Cast Response

Conceptualized in collaboration with Nicole Ridgway, for Broad Cast Response, I captured the entirety of the 1990, teen angst, pirate radio movie Pump Up the Volume, then broke it down into a diptych of all the spoken “no”s and all the spoken “yes”s in the film, respectively. The resultant installation, which continuously flows in and out of a synced, monosyllabic debate, is an ironic testament to the poor quality of contemporary broadcast news, a tense tribute to the copyfight and pirate artists, and overall, a playful attempt to highlight the absurdity of the closed dialectic.

Broad Cast Response was produced for the iCommons Summit 2007, a residency, workshop and exhibition programme simultaneously held in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Second Life.

Watch it: