Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo

Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo
left: Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo.
Each sculpture shown is Untitled, 2005

Altho I could have done without his video piece (and the rest of his work could then have been spread out more, using the blocked out room), this is an absolutely stunning show of emotive and quirky sculptures and sculpture-like, um, thingers. It’s a Joburg must-see. From the Gallery Momo site:

Cianfanelli continues his exploration of computer aided design in the realisation of his work. He is exploring new ground in terms of exploiting that data to inform and understand new forms and meaning. Measurement has become a key instrument for the artist, who has come to the conclusion that the digital realm is merely an evolution of the first moment when humans started to measure the world around them. In addition digitally designed and precision laser cut form is no longer an end product but potentially a starting point to configuring work.

Over the past ten years, Cianfanelli has explored various possibilities for artistic intervention in the public and commercial realm. This activity has developed to the point that not only has the gap between gallery and project work narrowed but project work has reached a level of sophistication that it has started to inform and develop the artists work produced purely for exhibition.

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2 Replies to “Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo”

  1. What are the materials Marco Cianfanelli used on this piece?

    I think there might be some plastor, but I’m not sure.

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