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{ Daily Archives } Monday, October 2005

FSF Awarding socially benificient uses of Free Software

The FSF recently announced a new program to award projects that use free software for greater social benifit.

Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo

left: Marco Cianfanelli @ Gallery Momo. Each sculpture shown is Untitled, 2005 Altho I could have done without his video piece (and the rest of his work could then have been spread out more, using the blocked out room), this is an absolutely stunning show of emotive and quirky sculptures and sculpture-like, um, thingers. It’s [...]

Doina Kraal @ The Drill Hall (update)

New/better image © Christo Doherty – thanks Christo! Doina Kraal @ The Drill Hall, image © Christo Doherty. It’s Simon Gush’s fault that I don’t know the installation’s title. Be angry at him. A small gathering of local artists, scholars and art appreciators showed up for Doina Kraal’s short-lived installation at the Drill Hall last [...]

klein street, 1994