new wordpress 2.0 theme: stuttering

stuttering 1.5 is completely compatible with wordpress 2.0! the new version (stuttering 2.0, dec 24, 2005) merely includes a thumbnail image for the new presentation area in wordpress

lots of bug fixes on latest version, updated 6 april 2005!

So, I’ve taken some advice and calls for help with the last theme I developed (for this blog), and went ahead and designed another one, loosely based on it. (procrastination….) Free as in beer! Hope you like it. Installation is super easy (standard drop-in theme), and I even put in instructions for graphic changes (top) and blog title size changes (or even how to make the whole top graphic a link, if you want to use a non web-safe font in your image).

The top is an include, so if savvy, you can go in and do as you see fit (menu, perhaps?). Any questions? Comment or contact.

stuttering theme for wordpress 2.0
click for larger image

Be sure your ftp application is set to “text” or “ascii” or “automatic” when you upload! Otherwise, it gets all weird looking in the admin panel….

stuttering zip file

Say you like me. Go on. Say it.

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  2. I’m thoroughly confused what your webpage is about, but if your readers were looking for stuttering links they may be interested in three non-commercial websites I set up for persons who stutter to share their life stories, connect with other stutterers, add their knowledge, wisdom, experience — in other words, to value stutterers’ voices.

    – enables stutterers to write Amazon-style reviews of stuttering therapy programs, anti-stuttering devices, and anti-stuttering medications.

    – enables stutterers to share their life stories, then search for other stutterers by age, location, gender, marital status, occupation, religion, or other parameters. As a support database, you can find the one person you want to talk to (instead of shotgunning an e-mail list). I set up two previous versions of in the last ten years, and both became so popular that the software crashed and burned. The new software should handle 50,000 or more members.

    – The Stuttering Wikibook is an encyclopedia of stuttering, that encourages readers to add, correct, or edit the articles. Several sections encourage readers to add material: “How We Treat Stuttering” encourages speech-language pathologists to write about what they do in their speech clinics; “What Worked for Me” encourages stutterers to write about their treatment experiences; and “My Life in Stuttering” encourages stutterers to share their life stories.

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