surfacing, scene
surfacing, half view
surfacing, pathway with people
surfacing, planes and boat
surfacing, blurry spiral sculpture
surfacing, close up
surfacing, corner
surfacing, double tree
surfacing, four trees
surfacing, stairs with people
surfacing, glass house
surfacing, lower window
surfacing, people drawing lower window
surfacing, chat
surfacing, parachute
surfacing, people drawing

LCD video, lithograph on varnished Thai mulberry paper; edition 3, 318 x 420 mm


LCD video, woodcut on varnished Thai mulberry paper, maple & pine; edition 3, 318 x 420 mm (center), 140 x 420 mm (left & right panel)


LCD video, etching on varnished Thai mulberry paper; edition 3, 318 x 420 mm

Mediation (detail)

LCD video, lithograph on varnished Thai mulberry paper; edition 3, 318 x 420 mm

Dynamic Stasis (detail)

LCD video, etching and aquatint on varnished Thai mulberry paper; edition 3, 318 x 420 mm

Cross Current


Stern and Jessica Meuninck-Ganger’s unique distill life artworks consist of two-dimensional prints and drawings overlaid on continuously looping videos, creating “moving images on paper.” Surfacing, their solo exhibition at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, displays six pieces from the series, as well as a participatory and dynamic print installation of the same name. Here the duo places translucent fabric across the windows of the Lynden’s front porch, and invites viewers to both draw what they see, and engage in different and ever-shifting perspectives as they move. Says Peggy Sue Dunigan on, “Interior and exterior images are juxtaposed when the viewer looks through the semi-transparent artworks to the modern sculptures in the park beyond.”

Where the video matrix and printed image align and mis-align in the artists’ looping video works, with Surfacing the landscape and drawn image cohere differently as any viewer traverses its space, and thus moves the relation between them. This installation continues Stern and Meuninck-Ganger’s experimental work that lives between prints, drawings, time-based and participatory media. The editioned distill life works first premiered, alongside several others, as part of Dynamic Stasis.