Simulate Editions

Since 2005, Scott Kildall and I have each been exploring performance and performativity in our archival prints. Kildall restages then remediates iconic performance artworks in Second Life, and, in my Compressionism series, I strap on a scanner appendage and battery pack, and perform images into existence; both processes produce art objects in the real world.

For Crossing the Void II, an exhibition at Ten Cubed GalleryHaydn Shaughnessy’s new virtual space designed by New York architect Benn Dunkley – we were asked to produce unique, virtual works for sale in Second Life, which mirror our real world art. In response, we created a series of “Simulate Editions”, where every ‘print’ is individually signed and numbered by hand, making each work ‘technically unique.’ The works are copy and modification protected, but also come with a resize script, so that the new collector/owner – and only them – can grow or shrink their purchase so as to fit into their SL space.