Passing Between

Passing Between
Nathaniel Stern and Jessica Meuninck-Ganger
30 January – 27 February 2010, Gallery AOP
Opened by Prof. Christo Doherty, Wits Digital Arts
Passing Between catalog

Passing Between is Nathaniel Stern’s second solo exhibition at Gallery AOP in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here he shows 14 pieces from his ongoing series of collaborative works with printmaker Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, affectionately entitled Distill Life. The gallery has published a companion catalogue (with essay by Nicole Ridgway) and DVD (with documentary videos by Sean Kafer and music by Michael Szpakowski).

In Distill Life, the artists approach both old and new media as form. They permanently mount translucent prints and drawings directly on top of video screens, creating moving images on paper. They incorporate technologies and aesthetics from traditional printmaking – including woodblock, silk screen, etching, lithography, photogravure, etc – with the technologies and aesthetics of contemporary digital, video and networked art, to explore images as multidimensional. Their juxtaposition of anachronistic and disparate methods, materials and content – print and video, paper and electronics, real and virtual – enables novel approaches to understanding each. The artists work with subject matter ranging from historical portraiture to current events, from artificial landscapes to socially awkward moments.

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