eat is a site-specific video installation made for a solo exhibition at the Outlet Gallery in Pretoria South Africa, April – May 2004. The piece is a humorous triptych, in slam poetry style, about identity as constructed through mass consumerism.

The left-hand side of the piece is outfitted with a moving, electric fan, where this side of the projection can be seen floating and fluttering in front of the wall of the space, and is simultaneously reflected back and around the sides of the gallery. The middle of the projected triptych is merely an accent to some of the finer points of the monologue: animated text and images highlighting key phrases. And the right-hand side is a hyperreal reflection of the left – I’ve used digital effects to mirror and enhance the floating, circular motion from the left-hand side of the triptych.

The edition of five DVDs is sold out (Artist Print in circulation), and has been seen in South Africa, Vienna, and Japan. The vocal track has been remixed 9 times by various CCmixters musicians, all available for download.