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Thanks to Christine Woywod (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), this page lists and links to additional resources for the works described in Woywod, C. (2016). “Nathaniel Stern: Performing images into existence.” Art Education, Volume 69 Issue 4 pp 36-42.

Downloadable PDF of the above article is forthcoming. Firewall version here.


elicit and enter are found within Body Language:


Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red combines sand + spices, fans + fabric, electronics + tornado machines towards a sensorial installation.

Weather Patterns: The Smell of Red:



Concentration, Mushroom, Flower, and Fishness are found within Printing Time and Rippling Images:


Videos describing Compressionism: (2007) (2014)


Articles about Rippling Images (2014):     scanner-1604200185    happens-when-you-take-a-desktop-scanner-underwater-17323952/